Month: August 2022

Apple galette
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Easy Apple Galette

With buttery, flaky crust and sweet cinnamon-spiced apple filling, this easy apple galette is a favorite. Galettes are a wonderful alternative to pie, when you’re craving one and you don’t feel like making an actual pie. This Easy Apple Galette recipe makes the best fruit dessert with a rustic look. It is really an apple pie without the pie pan! This Easy Apple Galette is a rustic apple pie dessert that is really simple and easy to make. A pretty and easy apple galette that combines a flaky,buttery, rustic pie crust with sweet, cinnamon-spiced apples

carrot walnut cake with cream cheese frosting

Carrot Walnut Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

This is an incredibly moist and flavorful carrot walnut cake filled with crunchy walnuts and covered in a smooth and creamy cream cheese frosting. The carrots really are the star of the show with the walnuts and the cream cheese frosting as secondary stars. This carrot walnut Cake with cream cheese frosting is perfect for dessert, breakfast or snack. This cake need not be layered with frosting; only topping with my delicious cream cheese frosting is enough as the cake itself is very moist and is loaded with walnuts. This Carrot Walnut cake with Cream Cheese frosting is simple, moist, tender, and delicious. It’s the perfect sweet recipe to enjoy with your family! This moist carrot walnut cake is loaded with carrots and walnuts in every bite.

Tiple chocolate cookies

Triple Chocolate Cookie Recipe

riple Chocolate Cookies are thick, chewy, super rich cookies loaded with three types of chocolate- unsweetened cocoa, dark chocolate chips, and milk chocolate chunks. These decadent, fudgy cookies pair perfectly will a glass of cold milk. These triple Chocolate Cookies are tender chewy and bursting with chocolate flavor. They are rich and decadent while staying chewy and moist. They’re so easy to make and will satisfy all your chocolate cravings. These chewy triple chocolate cookies are large bakery-size cookies that’ll have you hooked with the first bite. The best part about these Triple Chocolate Cookies, after the chocolaty goodness, is that they are so easy to make. They come together in minutes, and they bake in about 18 minutes.

chocolate vanilla marble cake

Chocolate Vanilla Marble Cake

This delicious Chocolate vanilla marble cake has the perfect moist yet dense crumb structure with beautiful layers of chocolate and vanilla. It has a rich chocolate cake that contrasts perfectly with the tender vanilla cake. It is a delicious recipe that is a crowd-pleaser, as people of all ages will love it. It pairs great with a cup of coffee or your favorite tea.